Why Solar Power?

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Why Solar Power?

Why should you use alternative power for your home or business?

How It Works

What if it is cloudy or rainy for weeks at a time? Will I still have hot water?

How to Afford Solar

Think alternative energy is out of your price range? Think again.

Fed/State Info

Learn about Federal and State tax credits for using alternative power.

Solar Savings Estimators


Benefits of Sun Stuff Energy Systems:

Reduce your contribution to global climate change and our nation's dependence of foreign energy sources.

Reduce your consumption of fossil fuels, improve air quality, increase visibility and make our environment healthier.

Protect yourself from rising energy costs.

Increase your home value $12 for every $1 in annual energy savings. Thus, if you installed a system that saved $1,000 in annual energy costs, the value of your home would increase by $12,000.

Recover a portion of the system price through tax credits.

Qualify for larger home mortgages through reduced utility costs.

People decide to invest in solar energy systems for a variety of reasons.

Many want to help preserve the earth's fragile environment and reduce pollution. Buying a solar energy system is a powerful and direct way for you to help protect our environment, and make a long-lasting commitment to the planet's future.

Others would rather spend their money on an energy-producing improvement to their property than to send their money to a utility or fuel company.

Some people like the security of renewable energy, because it makes them less vulnerable to future increases in electricity and fossil fuel prices.

Others are interested because renewable energy systems can provide emergency power in case of storms or other power system failures.

Some people invest in solar energy equipment partially due to the generous State and Federal Tax Credits.

Finally, some people just don't like paying utility bills and appreciate the independence that renewable energy provides.

All of these are good reasons! Sun Stuff Energy can help you decide if a solar hot water or solar electric system makes sense for you. Contact us for more information!