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Sun Stuff Energy owner Peter Phelps began his first solar energy business in Tampa, Florida, 1979, with business partner Frank B. Arenas. Together, they formed a company named Professional Solar Systems, installing domestic solar pool and hot water heating systems. Professional Solar installed hundreds of systems in the Tampa Bay area between 1979 and 1984 when Peter moved to the Asheville, NC area.

Sun Stuff Energy -- The way it should be!

Recognizing the need for improved technology in solar water heating over what was being offered in Western North Carolina, Peter introduced the first solar electric driven pumping system for circulating anti-freeze in domestic water heating systems. He also introduced the first self pumping domestic water heating system known as geyser pumping technology marketed under the trade name of the Copper Cricket. Although this technology is no longer offered for residential purposes, many systems are still in use in the U.S. National Park system.

Peter Phelps was a two-term board member of the North Carolina Solar Energy Association in the 80's, now known as the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA). He was also a charter member and past president of the Western Carolina chapter of the NCSEA. Additionally, Peter serves as a consultant for many large mechanical engineering firms on proven technologies for commercial establishments such as motels, hotels hospitals, schools, etc.

Sun Stuff Energy has installed hundreds of systems in Western North Carolina since the original Federal Tax credit in the early 80's, from hot water, pool, and space heating systems to solar electrical systems. We are now offering the most up to date systems and are one of the largest WNC resources for all your alternative energy needs. Some of our projects include the UNCA physical plant in Asheville and the SugarLoaf Elementary School in Henderson County.

UNCA Physical Plant Asheville NC


SugarLoaf Elementary School Henderson NC